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For your safety and enjoyment please observe the following rules of the trails:

  1. Do not wander off the trails; you have permission to ride the marked trails only
  2. Do not damage any trees, shrubs, etc
  3. Do not disturb wildlife or any livestock
  4. Trash in - Trash out.  You are responsible for your own garbage
  5. Be careful when crossing roadways and cross only at 90 degrees
  6. Remember that lakes are never completely safe due to river channels and springs erroding the ice away from the underside
  7. Carry a compass when out in the woods or at night
  8. Remember, all snowmobilers are judged by the actions of a few; please do not cause any disturbances or damage any property
  9. Where trails follow public roads, obey all traffic laws and regulations, such as keep to the right, dim lights, etc.
  10. Snowmobiles are prohibited from operating on certain public streets in many towns; when in these areas watch for marked streets or check with city officials.  See city-specific ordinances by viewing our Links page.

Minnesota Law 85.018. Subd. 5.
Snowmobile Trail Use

From December 1 to April 1 in any year, no use of a motorized vehicle other than a snowmobile, unless authorized by permit, lease or easement shall be permitted on a trail designated for use by snowmobiles.

This is a Grants-in-Aid Trail System funded by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The DNR does not endorse any advertisers on this site. No reproduction in whole or in part without written permission from Northwest Trails Association.

Municipal Ordinances and Local Rules

Additional municipal rules, restrictions and ordinances may be found on our Links page.



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