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General Membership Meeting
May 3, 2005

Secretary’s Report - Rocky Johnson
  • April minutes approved; filed for future audit.
Treasurer’s Report - Mike Christenson
  • April report approved; filed for future audit.
Director-at-Large - Jerry Hanson
  • No report.
Trail Coordinator - Steve Hohag
  • No report.
  • <>
New Members
  • None present.
Old Business
  • Groomer Trailer:  Approached those that have transported groomer for club in the past; we have two (2) people that are amenable to contracting their services and will do with two weeks notice.
  • Hanover Bridge:  City of Hanover contacted us to schedule removal of plywood.  Completed Saturday, April 23rd by members of St. Michael Club and NW Trails.  Materials in secure storage for season.  In future, City will contact St. Michael Club directly and they will organize.
  • Work Night:  Wednesday, May 11th, 6:00 pm, at the Shed.
  • Map Status:  Approximately 30 boxes of maps in the shed.  Decision made not to reprint maps next year.  Suggested that we send letter to advertisers to thank them and advise that their ad will run another year.  Brian and Rocky to coordinate.
  • June General Membership Meeting:  Will be held at the Shed, not Medina.
  • Trail Issues:  Craig met with Three Rivers Park personnel, Hennepin County and City of Maple Grove in effort to see how we can get our trail to Elm Creek Park despite reconstruction of Hwy 81 (planned construction over next 2 years).  Bottom line, tentatively agreed to keep as much of the trail intact, with exception of the entrance to south end of park off Territorial and Cty Rd 81 (entirely new entrance to park would be necessary, along with bridges; at this time they are not willing to commit to this due to unknown future of snowmobiling in NW Hennepin County).  However, they did tentatively agree to look at providing a trail head for snowmobiles to park and drop in the picnic area on the hill above the beach.  Next step is to present this option to the Park Board for permission.   Note there is still access to park from the north end of park.  Craig to follow up.

New Business
  • Door prize:  Revisited the $50 door prize for General Membership Meeting.  Consensus is that this alone does not draw members to meetings.  Motion passed to abandon current door prize and solicit other ideas.
MnUSA - http://www.mnsnowmobiler.org
  • Legislative Update:  Two way trail bill in county and city roads passed the Senate and is awaiting final vote in the House.  It will then go to the Governor for signature. Omnibus Appropriations Bill includes adding lake trails on Rainy, Lake of the Woods, and 7 lakes in St. Louis County into the grant system; a snowmobile trail pass; and setting aside funds to purchase easements for snowmobile trails.
MnUSA Upcoming Events
  • Region 8 is hosting MnUSA Summer Campout, Cannon Falls, July 8-10
  • Aug. 16 Region 8 Summer Event.
Club Updates
  • None.
Committee Reports
  • Safety Committee:  Public thank you to Stan Liedman for all his work on the Power Point presentations for the Youth Snowmobile Safety Training. Thank you Stan for all your hard work and dedication to our Club!!!.
Adjournment: 8:16 p.m.

Next Meeting
  • Tuesday, June 7, Club Shed (Brooklyn Park)
  • No Board Meeting
  • General Meeting, 7:30 pm

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