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General Membership Meeting
March 2, 2008

Secretary’s Report - Paulie Skaja-Bell
  • February minutes approved; filed for future audit.
Treasurer’s Report - Nancy Hanson
  • One new member this month.
  • $240 income from safety training
  • Expenses: Groomer drag parts, insurance increase due to new groomer
  • Report approved; file for future audit.
Director-at-Large - Rob Bell
  • NWT club elections coming in April.  Need volunteers for board positions since each board member has fulfilled the allowed 2-year maximum so each person needs to move on this year. Nominations will be taken at the March meeting.
Trail Coordinator - Steve Hohag
  • DNR has GPS trail mapping completed.  Bob Johnston to meet with them to review the routing.
  • Next year’s grant application has been signed by Corcoran official.
  • Groomer has been out a couple time in February.  Conditions are pretty much over at this point though.
  • Trails situation is still what it was in Hassan; follow-up will occur over summer.
  • Question on whether we can find a way to create more trails in western end of county.  Would be nice to link to Wright County in additional locations.

New Members

  • None present.

Old Business

  • Club Trip: Make your reservations for Fortune Bay Resort in Ely March 6 – 9. www.fortunebay.com or call 800.555.1714.
  • Trailside picnic on for March was canceled; if snow falls in upcoming weeks we can hold one, otherwise not until next year.

We need your e-mail address so that we can communicate more efficiently!  Please send an e-mail to nwtrails@nwtrails.net to let us know your address.  Thank you!!

New Business

  • March Fun Night at Dehn’s in Dayton on 3/13 at 7pm.
  • Elections for board positions will be held in April.
  • Idea put forth to create fund to be used when it is appropriate to send NWT members & families flowers or cards (deaths, illnesses, etc.).  Motion passed to allocate $500 into ‘sunshine’ fund and have small committee manage the fund & process of sending the card/flowers.  Shirlie Johnston and Lynn Liedman volunteered to make up the committee.  Fund to be reviewed & replenished by future motion(s) on an as-needed basis.

MnUSA - http://www.mnsnowmobiler.org

  • Manufacturer’s sneak-peak March 12th 4-9pm at Minneapolis Convention Center.  Free admission.  All four will be there.
  • MnUSA April meeting at Lodge at Brainerd Lakes 4/25-27.
  • Major legislative issues right now with several attempts to grab snowmobilers’ unrefunded gasoline tax.  This affects ATVs, boats, off-road vehicles, etc.  Need to contact your legislators to let them know  you do not approve of MRR’s tactics to eliminate all motorized recreation in MN.  Losing the unrefunded gasoline tax would be a disaster to the MN Grant-in-Aid trail system.
  • MnUSA has $2000 available for scholarships for students attending higher education.  Call their office to find out how to apply.
Club Updates
  • No clubs present for updates
Committee Reports
  • Membership: No report.
  • Map: No report.
  • Safety: 
    - Steve reports Cabelas may be a possible location for Rogers youth classes next winter.  Options will continue to be explored.  
  • - Rocky will book Corcoran city hall for Corcoran and Rogers dates (as one location option).  - DNR exploring possibility for course that is partially based on at-home DVD instruction so that on-site course is reduced to one day.  Instructors present were skeptical of practicality.

Adjournment: 8:25 pm
Next Meeting

  • Tuesday, April 1 at Medina
  • Board Meeting, 6:00 pm; Happy Hour, 7:00 pm; General Meeting, 7:30 pm
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