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General Membership Meeting
September 2, 2008 - Call to order: 7:40 pm

Secretary’s Report - Robert Johnston
  • August minutes approved; filed for future audit.
Treasurer’s Report - Brian Mackenzie
  • Corcoran has finally paid $29,070.00
  • Balance on hand in checking $9,530.52
  • Expenses in August related to landowners picnic.
  • Report approved; file for future audit.
Director-at-Large - Rocky Johnson
  • Nothing new to report
Trail Coordinator - Steve Hohag
  • Steve not present, report by Rob Bell and Robert Johnston
  • Trails that are put in this year, will count towards grant. Next year this will become more difficult. Meaning do it this year to cover ourselves versus waiting until it’s too late.
  • Hwy 55 ditch from Loretto to Rockford, Cty. Rd 30 from 116 to Cty. 19 in Burschville, as well as Luce Line from Baker Park. One landowner needs to be contacted, West Tonka snowmobile club could be a key in that area?
  • Randy Hatcher and Lyle Georges would be contacts in the Loretto club for getting Hwy 55 marked well.
  • Bridge repair just across from Medina over Elm Creek. More information to follow after Hamel meeting on Monday.

New Members

  • None
Old Business
  • Fun night September 11, 2008 at Broadway Pizza in Rogers.
  • Membership dues mailing. Nancy will generate labels.
  • Map mailings were stuffed and sent. Reply’s coming in already.
    Trail liability insurance. It’s through V&V which we have the application in hand, researching better rates for trail and general liability and groomer liability. Mike needs to be contacted ASAP as he headed overseas for a period of time.
  • Great success for Landowners picnic. Well worth doing again.  Volunteers needed BADLY for trail expansion along Hwy 55, Baker Park to Luce Line, and Cty. Rd. 30.
  • No report on Hasan green space due to Steve Hohag missing. Tabled until next meeting.

New Business

  • Bridge repair, reference trail coordinator report for more details.
  • Marketing NWT to get more members, signage, things to do on the trails to get them to be active members. Ideas such as each member getting 1 new member.
  • Signs in bars, and advertisers that catch peoples’ eyes explaining get involved or plan on it all going away around the metro. Working with distributors such as Miller to make posters.
  • Maps NEED to put in place at big intersections. “You are here” sort of deal. If you have an intersection on your system get with the map committee so these can be laminated before it’s too late in the season.
    Also advertising ideas such as using a trailer that is mobile at different locations throughout the system. (Butch Neuman will be contacted about this).
  • Trailside picnics, other then on the trail have it at establishments on the trail to gain general public interest instead of just snowmobilers. A plus for the businesses and a plus for us. It would then become Snow, or no snow sort of deal.Membership dues mailing, Nancy will generate the mailing due to resources.
Club Updates
  • Hamel’s first meeting next Monday September 8, 2008
MnUSA - http://www.mnsnowmobiler.org
  • GPS question and answers scheduled for fall workshop in October at Detroit Lakes Holiday Inn.
  • Swap meet and Winter sports show 3rd weekend in November, one week later then normal.
  • GPS question and answers scheduled for fall workshop in October at Detroit Lakes Holiday Inn.
Committee Reports
  • Membership: Committee chairperson needed badly for membership, seeking out new members.
  • Map: Nothing at this point.
  • Safety: Sundance is preferred, will talk to Cabela’s about using room for training as alternative. Corcoran City Hall is booked as backup. 1st two Saturdays in December already booked just in case.
Adjournment: 8:30 p.m.

Next Meeting
  • Tuesday, October 7, 2008 at Medina Ballroom
  • Board Meeting, 6:00 pm
  • Happy Hour, 7:00 pm
  • General Meeting, 7:30 pm

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