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General Membership Meeting
November 7, 2006 - Call to order: 7:34 pm

Secretary’s Report - Paulie Skaja-Bell
  • October minutes approved; filed for future audit.
Treasurer’s Report - Nancy Hanson
  • Bank loan approved for $38,485 (extra $35 from bank fees); auto pay $982/monthly starting Nov 15, 2006
  • November report approved; filed for future audit.
Director-at-Large - Rob Bell
  • No report.
Trail Coordinator - Steve Hohag
  • Grant application received from DNR $31,872, includes 20% bump for trail pass; need back-up grooming plan.
  • Set up agreement with Three Rivers to groom Elm Creek, Crow Hassan and Baker Park.
  • Maple Grove agreement in process, should be passed; Loretto is ok; narrow coming through Hamel; trail going to Sundance is blocked with huge pile of dirt, but will be removed by Christmas (Craig marked trails on north side). Still issues in Rob’s area, may need to run north side of 81 both ways. Bridge needed near Corcoran City Hall; consider temporary for this year. Still issues around French Lake and in Hassan. Discussion about cutting brush. Discussion of future development from Sundance to Territorial.
  • Trails will be marked by December 1st.

New Members

  • No new members.
Old Business
  • Meeting with Crow River to promote organization and training on Nov 13th - should run in a couple of weeks.
  • Need people to attend groomer training.
  • Club trip options researched; 12 room block at Fortune Bay Casino Resort; under $100/room, suites $113 on Fri and Sat; March 1 – 3, leave March 4th stay whichever nights that work. Rocky will email details and have posted on web site.

New Business

  • Dinner at 7pm on Nov 15th at Dehn’s Manor; no dinner Dec.
  • Worked with St Michael group on Hanover bridge; done.
  • International Snow Conference at Sheraton in Bloomington on June 7 – 9. MnUSA created cookbook, $20. Expect about 600 – 650 attendees. Speakers/presenters to increase snowmobile awareness at the event. Optional tour of Artic Cat and Polaris on Monday - Tuesday; $250 per person for room, transportation and food. Wednesday fishing trip to Mille Lacs for $150.
MnUSA - http://www.mnsnowmobiler.org
  • MnUSA calendars for sale; $20. Must be sold before Jan 1st. Drawing every day throughout the year. Proceeds go to MnUSA, clubs receive $2 per calendar.
  • Rendezvous second weekend in Feb in Fergus Falls.
  • Discussion regarding grant distribution; all options at this time are improvement for NW Trails.
  • MnUSA tagline is Protect your trails… join Minnesota United Snowmobile Association.
  • Need workers for snowmobile show and swap meet.
Club Updates
  • Fundraiser to help Hamel Athletic Club build a refreshment stand; 50 – 100 mile “fun run” on Feb 3rd starting in Hamel (exact location TBD) providing there is snow. Fundraising process to be determined; will communicate.
  • M/S/P Trail picnic on Feb 3rd to coordinate with fun run; location to be determined. Budget will be decided in Dec.
  • Loretto safety training is Nov 28, 30 and Dec 2.
Committee Reports
  • Membership: membership dues due Oct 31; pay Nancy.
  • Map: ad sales progressing; 47 ads over 53 squares and 2 flaps. May have ad size increased to fill space. Proofs are being coordinated with advertisers. Trail issues causing delay in finalizing layout. Maps will take about 3 weeks to produce; should be available shortly after Dec 1st. Concern about paper discussed, paper has been purchased, re-evaluate in two years. Boxes need to be distributed, pick up boxes from shed; questions will be answered Dec. Printing 12,000 maps, which will cover 2 years. Discussion about cover.
  • Safety: Discussion of class registration status and sleds to be used. Rogers location not on DNR site; discussed what phone number to list. Article in Crow River for two weeks.
Adjournment: 9:05 p.m.

Next Meeting
  • Tuesday, December 5 at Medina Ballroom
  • Board Meeting, 6:00 pm
  • Happy Hour, 7:00 pm
  • General Meeting, 7:30 pm

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