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General Membership Meeting
February 6, 2007

Secretary’s Report - Paulie Skaja-Bell
  • February minutes approved; filed for future audit.
Treasurer’s Report - Nancy Hanson
  • Income $12,873, Expenses $492.88
  • Will receive $689 back on insurance premium due to increased deductible; Steve still working on improvements.
  • Report approved; file for future audit.
Director-at-Large - Rob Bell
  • Time for elections again. Please contact Rob with interest.
Trail Coordinator - Steve Hohag
  • Riders were impressed at how wonderful the trail was after grooming.
  • Updated who helped with grooming; will continue until too warm.
  • Steve filed grant update, preparing April's report; final report will be submitted in May along with the application for the next year.
  • Discussed the overwhelming response to the recent snow; shared thoughts about grooming; communicated ideas to ensure trails are maintained in the best possible manner.
  • Rob found a camera on the trail; send email through club mailbox.
  • Craig will take care of tree over Elm Creek Park trail.
New Members
  • No visitors.
Old Business
  • Club trip was cancelled due to lack of snow and then too much to get there; no problem canceling; will discuss a trip for first weekend in March next year; Judy suggested a location; Rocky will follow up.
New Business
  • March fun night to be held March 15th at 7pm at Sundance.
  • 2007 International Snowmobile Congress sponsorship was discussed; benefits include exposure, information about club in newspaper/magazine distributed to clubs and at Congress; Region 8 is using one registration for several people to attend portions of the event.
  • Motion to sponsor at $500 level. M/S/F
  • Motion to sponsor at bronze ($1000) level, including two registrations. M/S/P
  • Registration discussion for June 6 - 10 attendance. Four people interested.

New Business (continued)

  • Motion to pay for hotel cost for member staying all three nights (about $450). M/S/P
  • Information about speakers and presentations was shared.
  • Crow River newspaper called asking for information for an article; deadline is Thursday (two days). Discussion of content.
  • Comment shared our trails need "you are here" markers. Also shared it is illegal to pull children on sleds behind snowmobile. Members provided testimonials that snow brings business to map sponsors. Map donation boxes need to be emptied; money coming out the top.
  • Motion to allow trail coordinator to purchase new $250 chainsaw to keep in groomer. M/S/P

MnUSA - http://www.mnsnowmobiler.org

  • MnUSA and sled show Monday night, March 12th. Artic Cat show at Hilton downtown on March 11th. Members requested to help work booth.
  • Legislative session being coordinated for March 27th at Kelly Inn in St. Paul. Agenda includes protecting trails, taxes and additional funds ($500k) for grant aid to go to clubs.
  • Update on two-way trails; DNR will present this topic at meeting in Brainerd in April. Nancy will get information to Steve.
  • MnUSA sponsored Nick and Sam (1st and 3rd places) in their race.

Club Updates
  • Hamel and Loretto working to get softball game together.
  • Arranging to remove signs already.

Committee Reports
  • Membership:  No report.
  • Map: Check map boxes; collect donations and stock with maps. Napa is the only unpaid map sponsor..
  • Safety:  No report.
Adjournment: 9:00 p.m.

Next Meeting
  • Tuesday, April 3, 2007 Medina Ballroom
  • Board Meeting, 6:00 pm
  • Happy Hour, 7:00 pm
  • General Meeting, 7:30 pm

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