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General Membership Meeting
August 5, 2008 - Call to order: 7:30 pm

Secretary’s Report - Robert Johnston
  • May minutes approved; filed for future audit.
  • No business meeting June or July, no minutes.
Treasurer’s Report - Nancy Hanson
  • Corcoran owes NWT $29,070, council meeting August 14th.
  • Balance on hand in checking $11,660.36
  • Question posed if having the money go through a voting process in Corcoran is needed or not.  On going problem with Corcoran. Voting may be needed due to cash going out. 
  • $29,070 is listed in assets but is not in our hands at this time.
  • Report approved; file for future audit.
  • November report approved; filed for future audit.
Director-at-Large - Rocky Johnson
  • Gavel needs to be handed over to new President.
  • Nothing new to report
Trail Coordinator - Steve Hohag
  • Application sent in May to the DNR
  • 150 miles worth of funding, actual miles around 90miles.
  • $48,000.00 in funding based on the 150 miles this year.
  • Hassen Twp. owns property, but has ordinance about no motorized vehicles. To get changes rolling, twp needs money. $300.00 for Escrow plus additional expenses with no guarantee of change. Alternative is to talk to land owner Joe Shebert which is a current board member to see if it’s possible to get this changed.
  • Ideas to propose changing of terminology of Open space to something else, or no motorized vehicles except snowmobiles from Dec 1 through April 1 on a designated trail.
  • Trail Captains need to keep in touch with your land owners now. Please don’t wait!

New Members

  • New/old member “The Dananimal" (Friend of Brian’s)
Old Business
  • Rogers Parade, no NWT involvement.
  • Club picnic, August 14, 2008 at 630pm.
  • Map advertiser letters and invoices ready to go. Letter/Mailing to new prospects for map advertisers also ready.
  • Discussion to raise cost to advertisers 20% per square. Each square now goes to $150.00/sq.

New Business

  • Fun night September 11, at 7pm Broadway Pizza in Rogers. (Formerly Natures Hideaway)
  • Membership dues mailing, Nancy will generate the mailing due to resources.
  • Loretto missed dues payment to NWT last year.
  • Dues to remain at $25.00/yr for NWT inclu. MNUSA.
  • Land owner handouts need to be ready for October meeting.
  • Discussion to increase Landowner certificates to $20.00. m/s/p
  • Trail liability insurance & Groomer insurance need to shop around for savings and or talk to Mike to reassess cost versus coverage and what groomer is classified as.
  • December 2010 is deadline for Brooklyn Park storage shed.
  • Membership renewed to Blue Ribbon Coalition. m/s/p
  • Park greenway connecting through the parks. RTP money matches funds if it’s classified as multi purpose trail. Steve will spearhead communication in this area with parks etc.
  • Trail expansion opportunities.
Club Updates
  • No reports.
MnUSA - http://www.mnsnowmobiler.org
  • Increase in dues voted down. No increase this year.
  • GPS question and answers scheduled for fall workshop in October at Detroit Lakes Holiday Inn.
  • Swap meet and Winter sports show 3rd weekend in November, one week later then normal.
Committee Reports
  • Membership: Committee chairperson needed badly for0 membership, seeking out new members.
  • Map: See new business
  • Safety: Sundance is preferred, will talk to Cabela’s about using room for training as alternative. Corcoran City Hall is booked as backup. 1st two Saturdays in December already booked just in case.
Adjournment: 9:00 p.m.

Next Meeting
  • Tuesday, September 2 at Medina Ballroom
  • Board Meeting, 6:00 pm
  • Happy Hour, 7:00 pm
  • General Meeting, 7:30 pm

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